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Increasing data and the challenges with identity management

In a world of digital transformation, we face increasing challenges with managing identities. Identity access management (IAM) is primordial for enhanced cyber security. Having control over employees’ access to programs and applications is essential to strengthening cyber security and operational technologies across any organization.

Data exfiltration, proliferation, and cloud use have presented numerous challenges for companies adhering to data protection. Given the recent increase in the number of employees working from home across the globe and a general increase in reliance on third party suppliers or partners, protection of data has grown to become a larger issue than ever before. You need to have a clear understanding of your security measures’ effectiveness on sensitive data to cater to your employees’ remote lifestyles while ensuring data is readily accessible. You also need to ensure that data necessary for third party providers is accessible, without the compromising the privacy of your clients or breaching regulation in the environment your organization operates in.

The ultimate question for your company is: how can you gain better visibility and control of your data and ensure your organization is set up to succeed?

OwlGaze will protect your digital identities & sensitive data by leveraging IAM best practices to make sure that your security measures are in place in compliance with audit requirements. We will align your accesses with sharing information. The simplified sign-up, sign-in, and overall user management processes provide ease of use. It accentuates user experience to another level with its access management while protecting your data.

OwlGaze can enhance your IAM and data protection capabilities

  • Access to data — information, applications, and services must be managed. Today, tracking is often done on an ad-hoc basis through spreadsheets, emails, and various ticketing systems, making it challenging to govern and oversee. As a time-consuming and often uncomprehensive practice, it leaves many critical accesses unmanaged and results in exposed risks.
  • Identity management: Employee onboarding and privileged access management are crucial for the prevention of threats. Always assign role-based access controls to prevent data misuse and ensure compliance requirements. Often, breaches happen due to misuse by internal threat actors.
  • Defining access: Defining access among teams is key to information security. Appropriate access controls ensure selective access to data, thus minimizing risks.
  • Business performance – CIAM (Customer IAM): Enhanced security measures establish credibility and build a reputation — leading to a performance boost.

Strategy & Architecture

Information labelling

Standardize and automate the classification of information assets that lead to efficient data leakage protection measures.

Data lifecycle mapping

Understand and map out the data lifecycle in a clear, multi-dimensional approach.

An operation model

Utilize a customized IAM framework and supportive process to provide visibility on who has access to what resources to reduce cyber risks. 

User & client experiences

Streamline access to critical systems, applications and data while ensuring privileged controls are in place. 

Interconnected technology

Increase the use and efficiency of existing tools to encourage productivity while managing cost-effectiveness by maintaining identities. 


Understand and comply with the laws and regulations that apply to your business.

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