GRC & Privacy

Practice data security and privacy aligned with regulations

How you protect your data is directly connected to the underlying risks of your business, including whether or not you are compliant with required regulations and whether or not you have an effective oversight structure in place that allows you to succeed. For any companies, data is the “what, why and how” of the entire business model. Beyond these examples, data is becoming increasingly important as more businesses aim to capture greater amounts of consumer data to fuel the process of digitalization and stay competitive. As your company’s data usage increases every year, the complexity of the issue grows exponentially.

As the amount of data in an organization increases, so does the need for effective governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) systems. In order to maintain an effective GRC system, you need to evaluate the many items, including your level of business risk, your needed degree of system flexibility, the regulatory environment your business operates within, and the technology stack your organization maintains or is looking to build. Only after having a complete overview of the entire GRC situation within your organization can you start to understand where gaps maybe that could lead to issues.

OwlGaze helps you build an agile GRC privacy services help organizations stay up-to-date with leading services in data security and data privacy, as well as complying with regulation in a constantly evolving threat environment and regulatory landscape.

Agile GRC, therefore, addresses a new way of corporate governance, supported by technology and a spirit of agility and entrepreneurial thinking. For this agile, integrated and future-oriented approach, we defined five key guiding principles that build the foundation for how to operate, empower and make decisions in our next generation of business operations and GRC management:

OwlGaze can help your company establish the fundamentals of cybersecurity by providing:

  • Centralized and standardized processes
  • Holistic view on the risks facing the organization
  • Visibility on regulatory compliance and management posture
Secure engineering

Architect, design, and adopt cybersecurity standards to secure on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Application migration

Merge and manage clouds with a defined strategy for ease of accessibility while ensuring security controls are in place.

Security and compliance

Conduct cloud service security gap assessment and compliance review.

Cloud operating model

Provide governance, process, and a security baseline for a standardized and effective onboarding.

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