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cybersecurity for healthcare

Cybersecurity for Healthcare Providers – The Biggest Target for Cyber-attacks

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Digitization of healthcare   The digitization of healthcare has led to the proliferation of numerous resources and tools to facilitate healthcare practices and patient experience. Accessibility of health information is…

Cybersecurity in Real Estate and Proptech

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Imagine your life without a home or a place to stay. Difficult right? Abraham Maslow, in his hierarchy of needs model, describes shelter as physiological or the most basic need of humankind. Finding the right place to stay…

Have Challengers Been Challenged?

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The onset of digital age has given rise to a new breed of banks called challenger banks, also known as Virtual Banks (VB) or Neobanks. They are mobile-first businesses that offer the same services as a traditional bank without…

ENCRYPTION vs TOKENIZATION: Which is better for your business?

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There is a cyber-attack somewhere in the world every 39 seconds, and since 2013, hackers have stolen 3.8 million records daily. With this number only going up, no organization can…

US$ 1.5M Pre-Seed Round for OwlGaze

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IMS Digital Ventures, the venture building arm of Integrated Management Systems, one of the leading digital transformation agencies in Asia, is pleased to announce the closing of a US$ 1.5M…

Protection: The commonality between COVID-19 and Data

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Protection: The commonality between COVID-19 and Data At over 176 million and rising infections, the COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc across the world.Statista estimates a global GDP loss of 3.94…

E-commerce: The double-edged sword

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E-commerce: The double-edged sword Since the dot-com bubble began, the internet kingdom has been prospering at an extreme rate. The online world has provided enormous opportunities for companies to embark…