Detection & Response

Be prepared for the next attack

COVID-19, remote work and digital transformation has accelerated the growth of cyber risks and threats. This has increased cyber threats and attacks as cybercriminals continue to look for the opportune moment. Many people are unaware of the malicious actors that navigate their software and infrastructure for days, months, or even years, exfiltrating critical information under the radar. Amid the rising number of increasingly sophisticated and advanced cyber attacks, companies still continue to lack the fundamental capabilities, processes, resources, and time to hunt for threats proactively. Cyber attacks can happen at any time – especially when you least expect them – which can cause drastic consequences that may only be realized when it’s already too late.

Why OwlGaze?

OwlGaze can help you identify and minimize your attack vectors to prevent, respond, and recover from cyber threats effectively.

What are the benefits of detect and response?


Early detection of anomalies and threats


Continuous monitoring of cybersecurity events


Verifying the effectiveness of preventive measures


Accelerated recovery minimizing operational impact


Containing the spread of an attack

OwlGaze can help you detect threats and establish the fundamentals of cybersecurity response by providing:


To assess and enhance your detection capabilities integrating automation and advanced correlation.

Vulnerability and patch management (VM) programs

To assess and develop a VM framework to protect your people, processes, and technology.

Incident Response (IR) programs

To assess and develop an IR framework covering people, processes, and technology.

Compromised assessments & penetration testing

To review the current state of your network infrastructure and identify any Indicators of Compromise (IoC).

Crisis management

To minimize your business impact by aligning your responses with legal, regulatory, and customer requirements.

Secure System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

To provide a framework, governance, and penetration testing.

Executive support

To organize, manage, and recover from any business loss.

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