Strategy & Architecture

Gain insight on cyber risk posture and capabilities

In today’s fast-evolving digital realm, OwlGaze will help you re-assess and build your cyber journey towards a secure business. Starting by safeguarding your sensitive data, applications and critical infrastructure, OwlGaze can identify and measure cyber threats then demonstrate how to manage these potential risks as you advance.

Without a plan, the approach to making your organisation safe from cyber-attacks may seem like a daunting and endless task. However, with the right team and approach, a cohesive and complete cyber strategy can be architected so that you always understand your organisation’s cyber posture and maintain peace of mind when growing your business. When you adopt this strategic approach, you can prepare for future threats and better understand your current cyber posture and capabilities, making you more agile and better equipped.

Our team can help you achieve this. We will provide you with a more practical approach and make your investment worthwhile by tying cyber risks to business risks.

OwlGaze will develop and instill clarity into daily, fundamental needs for you to effectively build, maintain, respond, and predict cyberattacks. In addition to helping you and your team create an overall strategy, we will also help create the architecture that makes the strategy into reality. Through this approach, we provide insight for your stakeholders to make more robust decisions and stay ahead of the latest threats.

Risk is inevitable but understanding the worth of risk can transform any uncertainty into an opportunity.

OwlGaze can establish the fundamentals of cybersecurity by:

  • Providing you with an end-to-end assessment, strategy, and an understanding of the investment needed to build a resilient cyber journey.
  • Helping your company gain a better understanding of risk management and your exposure.
  • Effectively planning a digital transformation, cloud migration, or third-party integration.
  • Increasing your employee’s cyber knowledge with tailored cybersecurity wargaming, training, education workshops, and a culture change program.
  • Architect a resilient and scalable enterprise-wide ecosystem.

Strategy & Architecture

End-to-end assessments, strategy, roadmap & investment plans
3rd party vendor risk assessments
Employee education & training
Enterprise architecture: business, data, application & technology

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