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As networks approach the unknown

Networks become more complex as they get interconnected with IT, OT, remote offices, and third-party partners. As a network continues to grow, it becomes susceptible to a plethora of security breaches raising several concerns over network segmentation and exposure risk due to lack of proper cybersecurity controls. Today’s cyber-attacks can cause interruption to core services and potentially severe disruption to operations, leading to financial losses.

With growing cyber-attacks, cloud migration has become a vital step towards cyber security. Other benefits of cloud computing include rapid deployment, low up-front costs, flexibility and scalability.

Organizations should ensure that technologies, policies, controls, and services are in place to protect cloud data, applications, and infrastructure from risks and threats. Some of the common challenges with cloud security are increased attack surface, lack of visibility and tracking, granular privileged access, key management, and cloud compliance and governance to regulatory standards.

Why OwlGaze?

OwlGaze can engineer a secure network to support your productivity, business growth, and cost optimization while reducing your company’s exposure to cyber-attacks. We do this through our end-to-end approach where we first analyze your ecosystem, architect what your ideal infrastructure would be, perform a gap analysis, then engineer and implement the solutions needed to secure your network.

OwlGaze can help establish the fundamentals of cybersecurity by providing:


To architect, design, and adopt cybersecurity standards to secure on-premise, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Application migration

To merge and manage clouds with a defined strategy for ease of accessibility while ensuring security controls are in place.

Security and compliance

To conduct cloud service security gap assessment and compliance.

Cloud operating model

To provide governance, process, and a security baseline for a standardized and effective onboarding.

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