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A truly predictive, cloud-native, AI-powered detection software that acts as a command center for any organisation.

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In an era of rapidly-evolving digital transformation incorporating cloud services, interconnected operations, tech innovation, loT, and many uncertainties, cybersecurity is vital for your company’s protection. As a boutique firm specializing in cybersecurity advisory and software, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide cutting-edge, end-to-end solutions that keep your organization protected.

OwlGaze helps you focus on managing risks outside of your control with a comprehensive range of cyber services:

Predictive Detection
Strategy & Architecture
Identity & Data
Detection & Response
GRC & Privacy
Cloud & Engineering



The first-ever truly predictive, AI-powered detection software that acts as a command center for any organization.

  • Using advanced AI and machine learning, Blacklight is capable of sophisticated predictive threat detection.
  • Enabling security teams to uncover threats more efficiently, gain better visibility, significantly decrease costs and minimize risk, all from a single platform.
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Bringing you industry best standards, practices, latest tech combined with strong technical skills and experience to solve your cyber challenges. We are dedicated to guiding you through any cyber issues head-on while implementing tools, methods, and solutions to tackle constant disruptive changes in any sector.

We provide end-to-end cybersecurity solutions that address your full suite of needs.

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Process of Securing

Methodologies, Tools, and Accelerators

Cybersecurity best practices continuously change, and you must stay updated. We ensure your teams remain resilient regardless of the cyber threats they face.

Streamlined Deployment

We architect and execute your next cyber solution for seamless day-to-day operations.

Cyber-as-a-service Experience

Think of us as an extension to your team. We efficiently and effectively operate with innovative technology and cybersecurity services.

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